Official Importer of Dodge & Ram Trucks to Europe

Uscarimports.eu is a website by AGT Europe Automotive Import SA, which is the leading importer of North American vehicles to Europe since 2002 and from 2008 the first authorized importer for Dodge & Ram in the 28 countries of the EU.

AGT Europe has been created separated from AGT in order to handle autonomously the official importership of Dodge and RAM Trucks in Europe.
We support a wide retailer network of partners specialized in the sales & in the service for Dodge & Ram Trucks. Our retailers can benefit of a wide import infrastructure which allows them to order and receive cars in just few days.

Feel free to browse through our Dodge and RAM Trucks sections and find your next dream car, choose the options and the colors and order it today!

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Through our long years of experience in market specific homologations (over 25 000 vehicles to date), we are able to support our dealers so that the end-user is able to receive all necessary services such as:

  • Fast Delivery
  • Fully Trained Staff & High Level Service
  • Manuals in many languages
  • Vehicle Insurance
  • Warranty – Read More
  • Financing/Leasing
  • After Sales Service
  • Parts & Accessories

As we have a permanent stock of thousands of vehicles, the delivery to our European dealers can be carried out within a few days.

Find out more on what we do at AGT Europe on our website.

We share your passion for Dodge & Ram Trucks!

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