Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we are the leading Dodge & RAM importer in Europe, and support a large number of dealers. In 2008 we started our successful partnership with Chrysler International to promote North American Dodge vehicles for the European market – and have imported over 25000 Dodge & RAM vehicles to date.

As an official importer, we are a company that operates solely in a B2B environment, and we therefore provide many of the Dodge & RAM dealers found across Europe. Your nearest one can be found here

Dodge & RAM vehicles provide a unique attraction from most other lines of vehicles. Many of the benefits that you will find buying a Dodge or RAM include great cost effectivity, as well as a higher standard of performance and guaranteed American quality all while keeping to the traditional values of one of the oldest vehicle brands in the world.

Your point of reference throughout the entirety of your Dodge & RAM experience, who will walk you through the process of both purchasing and owning a Dodge or RAM vehicle, will be the dealer from whom you intend to purchase your new vehicle. Should you have any questions whatsoever about any part of the process, please feel free to approach them with any need you may have. Please note, any lineup found on the official US Dodge or RAM website may not match that which we have on offer in Europe due to certain models only being provided in specific markets, as decided previously by FCA headquarters in the US.

To become a client of AGT Europe we initially have certain criteria that must be met by all potential clients. Most of our clients have established long term business relationships with our company and have decades of experience. From A to Z we provide a service that can be relied upon.

Become a dealer

Placing a customized order for a Dodge or RAM vehicle is possible and easily accomplished through the dealers themselves. The amount of time needed to implement this customization process depends on the model and available allocation but should usually take roughly 3 months.

Yes there are. In many cases, the dealer is able to offer several attractive financing solutions tailored to your specific needs. To determine specifically what is available to you, please contact your point or reference at the nearest Dodge & RAM affiliate.

On a weekly basis we update both our blog and our Facebook page with the newest information and news regarding all available Dodge & RAM products. Please refer to either for any information you may need, and if this still fails, please contact your point of reference.

Yes, a test drive is possible on almost all occasions. Please contact your local point of reference to schedule your test drive.

Ram Trucks was established as a division of Chrysler in 2010, and was used as a spinoff from Dodge, taking the popular name of the Dodge Ram line of pickups as its own. The Ram brand was created separate from Dodge following Chrysler’s acquisition by Italian automaker Fiat S.p.A., with the new system switching to an exclusively car-based lineup with all pickup and future heavy-duty trucks by Chrysler to be sold under the Ram brand.

Street & Racing Technology. What was originally a development group for Viper, now heavily tunes and produces vehicles for all the brands of Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep.

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